Home Entertainment Chiranjeevi to resolve property dispute concerning Dasari sons

Chiranjeevi to resolve property dispute concerning Dasari sons


Chiranjeevi to solve property dispute between Dasari sons
Chiranjeevi to clear up assets dispute amongst Dasari sons

After a prolonged illness, Dasari Narayana Rao handed away at a healthcare facility in Hyderabad in 2017.  Following his loss of life the fight erupted among Dasari’s two sons, Dasari Prabhu and Dasari Arun Kumar, and  daughter Hemalaya Kumari more than the property. Dasari’ elder son Prabhu experienced registered a criticism against his brother Arun Kumar in Jubilee Hills law enforcement station.

In the complaint, Prabhu alleged that Arun Kumar and his driver entered into their house on 24th night time and assaulted him and his family associates. Not only this, Prabhu also submitted CCTV footage to the police. He also said to the police that his brother Arun Kumar also experimented with to break the almirah of their father.  The Police filed a scenario and have commenced the investigation regarding this circumstance.

Arun Kumar and Hemalaya are professing equal share in Dasari’ house in Jubilee Hills, whilst Dasari Prabhu is boasting the  ownership of the home. Prabhu has also appealed to the film business biggies to intervene and solve the make any difference.

Each the brothers had a massive tussle and the speak is that they experienced a significant confrontation yesterday night. Now the reviews are coming that Megastar Chiranjeevi has arrive forward to resolve the assets dispute in between Dasari’ sons.

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