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Kody Brown Attends Wedding ceremony & Christine Is Pissed – Hollywood Existence


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Kody Brown traveled to Texas to officiate a friends’ wedding in the summertime of 2021 on the Oct. 23 episode of Sister Wives. This did not sit perfectly with Christine Brown, due to Kody earlier criticizing her for traveling amidst the coronavirus pandemic. She was primarily upset since Kody employed COVID as an justification to not vacation for their daughter, Ysabel Brown’s, back again medical procedures in 2020. Christine felt it was hypocritical for Kody to have unique expectations for a friend’s wedding in excess of his daughter’s surgical treatment.


On the other hand, Kody defended his final decision. “Ysabel’s surgical procedure was at a time and problem wherever it would’ve necessary that I’m 6 or 8 months absent from residence,” he spelled out. “No person can be absent from do the job and residence and household that lengthy. I was gone for 4 times for the wedding day. That is it.” Christine was not getting it, even though. “I really do not have to deal with him any longer since I’m not married to him,” she explained in a confessional. “I’m so glad I’m not due to the fact I cannot regard this individual anymore…how he is and the selections he’s making…I can’t regard this gentleman.”

christine brown
Christine Brown on the Oct. 23 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Earlier in the episode, Christine spoke with her and Kody’s youngest daughter, Truely Brown, about her divorce from Kody on camera for the first time. Truely unintentionally found out about Christine’s selection to depart Kody and shift to Utah when she overheard Christine conversing about it on the telephone. Truely insisted she was good with the problem, in spite of staying upset at initially.

“The 1st working day when I found out, I was really upset, but I’m good now,” she informed her mom. “I just experienced to know for a working day that not every little thing was likely to transform. I kind of noticed the indicators that you weren’t as satisfied. It was a bit of a heartbreak at initial but I’m fantastic now.” Truley explained to Christine that she was typically upset for the reason that Christine saved the news from her for so extensive. Due to the fact Truely would be possessing to select up and move with her mother, she felt she deserved additional of a heads up, specifically given that Christine had started off arranging months earlier.

kody christine brown
Kody and Christine Brown ahead of their split. (Arlene Richie/Shutterstock)

“The realization that she explained to me final after everybody else, and I didn’t get to know that we were about to go away, it was sort of hurtful,” Truely admitted. “It did come to feel like a betrayal that she would not trouble to tell me about it and I was heading to be influenced the most.”

At the stop of the episode, Kody and Christine experienced another experience-to-encounter conversation as Christine’s transferring date approached. They continue to hadn’t figured out the particulars of custody. “I would adore not having a lawyer associated,” Christine admitted. “But if he’s by now going there and lawyering up, then I’m heading to as perfectly. I really do not want to, although. I’d alternatively just operate it out amiably. We have children. Can’t we just figure it out on our very own?” The drama will carry on on future week’s episode of Sister Wives on TLC.

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