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Stranger Things season 5: Know Everything Here


Netflix’s popular sci-fi series Stranger Things will end its fifth season with Season 5. As we wait to see what Vecna is up to, the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that they are already at work in the writer’s room. Even though the Stranger Things season 4 finale didn’t happen that long ago, many details remain elusive.

Although we don’t yet have a release date nor a synopsis, we do know a lot about Stranger Things season 5. Millie Bobby Brown spoke out about the final season in an interview with Total Film 2 in our most recent issue.

She said, “Probably when it’s filming, I won’t even know how the end comes.” “I know as much about you as you do. I am really, truly clueless. They don’t want me to know. “I have a big mouth.” Brown also confirmed that filming for the final season of the show will begin next year. However, no details have been released.


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