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Which DJ Effects Ought to Newcomers Grasp First?


It is a single point to set oneself up with an all-singing, all-dancing DJ controller with a library of dozens of outcomes. Nevertheless, it is something else solely to find out how they all function, and how to use them appropriately in your sets.

One particular of the most significant lessons DJs find out at some place for the duration of their professions is that a lot more generally than not, fewer is additional the more strong your set will become, the a lot less reliant you turn into on consequences.

Nevertheless, it is not to say that the strategic incorporation of results at some factors throughout your set cannot make a genuine big difference. They can – just as they can play a position in aiding you appear up with your signature sound.

But which of the infinite results offered really should you get to grips with first, as a DJ newcomer? If you’ve no idea whatsoever what any of these buzzwords suggest, which outcomes are truly worth prioritising?


Reverb is a hugely well-liked effect made use of by DJs and artists spanning all genres. This is the impact that more or significantly less would make it seem as if you are taking part in in a spacious room, or even in a cavernous cave when pushed as far as doable, all depending on the DJ machines that you have. Reverb can be taken from one excessive to the other, supplying you full manage over the ‘virtual’ dimension of the place you are playing in. It does not have a big effect on your mix, but instead alters the way the seem is perceived.


As the identify suggests, the delay influence is utilized to provide room and depth into a blend, in a way that can be as subtle or stand out as you like. Using your DJ controller, you will be ready to alter the size of the delay – for a longer period delays including more area to your blend. You’ll also be in a position to alter the suggestions amount of the hold off, which establishes how numerous instances the delayed sign is recurring in a precise interval of time. The increased the suggestions setting, the additional the hold off starts to sound like an echo.


Talking of which, this is the following effect you are going to want to familiarise yourself with as a new DJ. Echo is equivalent to delay in numerous methods, but should not be confused as the similar issue. It can convey area and depth to your set, but it can also be handy for producing a feeling of movement. Like with delay, the duration of the echo influences how substantially area it adds to your blend. Subtle hold off consequences can be simple to integrate into a set, whereas lengthier delays call for a small extra treatment and interest.


Flanger consequences can be pretty challenging to integrate into a DJ combine, but can be wonderful when you get it right. It is just one of those consequences that are tough to explain but instantly recognisable the moment you listen to it. This is a further influence that can be utilised to produce a feeling of motion, or to incorporate room and depth to your blend. Your controller will allow you to change the depth and price of the flanger influence, transitioning from a light ‘whooshing’ audio to a thing completely more powerful.

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