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10 Welcoming Neighborhood Hubs – Chop News


The necessity for welcoming community hubs has been embraced in the layout of different modern day structures, as effectively as in the branding approach of some businesses. The principal aim of most of these illustrations is to build accumulating areas that rejoice connectivity and typical interests.

In terms of branding technique, UGG released a multi-sensory pop-up titled the UGG Feel Residence this year. The activation was marketed as a “comfort-focused group hub to examine a sensorial and interactive surroundings.” Gymshark, on the other hand, features an in-house local community hub in its new flagship area.


Non-branded welcoming local community hubs involve architectural tasks like the Konishi Gaffney church-into-local community center conversion and the see-by neighborhood hub in Qifeng, Taiwan which was built by Atelier Boter.

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