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All You Need To Know About The Latest Healthcare Innovations


Recently a public awareness programme was hosted by Academy of Medical Sciences on Sunday at a city hotel; Dr.Murtuja, Dr.AmolDongre, Dr.SushilMandhaniya, and Dr.Subodh Gupta has contradicted numerous myths related to the breast cancer problem. Through the public awareness programme, doctors present diverse information related to Breast Cancer.

Previously in the day, President Dr. Harish Warbhe in association with Nagpur Obstetrics and Gynecologist Society (NOGS) and the Association of Surgeons of Nagpur hosted a CME on breast cancer.

Briefs of Public Awareness Programme Hosted By Academy Of Medical Sciences

While talking about this disease, doctors said Breast cancer does not only affect females but also males can also be diagnosed with this cancer. Still, the risk of having Breast cancer is high in Females. Factors that commonly lead to Breast cancer are Hormone Replacement Therapy, Obesity, Family History, And Genetic Mutations etc.

Not only Women gets Breast Cancer but Men also get Diagnosed:

According to the myths, only a woman having an age of or more than 50 years can suffer from Breast Cancer. Doctors stated that women of any age group can suffer from this disease. I talk about earlier time, in most cases, older women face an infection with this disease, but now young women are also facing this issue.

If doctors diagnose cancer at an early stage then is easy to treat it. As the stage increases the chances of curing decreases, and in case of Breast Cancer it is very essential to catch the disease at an early stage.

Some people said that hysterectomy plays an important role in causing cancer. But Dr. Gupta stated that breast cancer is hormone-dependent and there is no role of hysterectomy in it. Doctors also added that only a surgeon performs the surgical procedure in Breast Cancer with the help of an Onco-Physician and Radiation Oncologist only.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Effects Of Chemotherapy

To treat the Breast Cancer, treatment doctors adopt is Chemotherapy. While talking about the further effects of Chemotherapy Dr.Mandhaniya said “There is a small window between the side effects of chemotherapy and its toxic possessions. It is an art to prevent complications, not treat complications. The therapeutic window of chemotherapy is small, and doctors need to undertake chemotherapy based on the benefit, age, stage, morbidity, and hormonal factors.”

It is not essential that Chemotherapy provides positive results for all the patients. Some patients get less benefit of this Breast Cancer Curing procedure. Hence, it’s all upon the doctor to take the decision regarding Chemotherapy session.

Medicines to Cure Breast Cancer:

Adding up, Dr.Mandhaniya said that today technology and Science have become so advanced. Medicines are getting better day by day. There are several Medicines having fewer complications and side effects and causing less toxicity. Hence Doctors are also improvising their knowledge regarding such medicines so that they can provide a complication-free treatment to their patients.

A question rose to Dr.Murtuja, stating: “Are there any Tumour markers in the blood and should we rely on them?” Answering the question doctor said that “Tumour markers recognize whether there is cancer or not. There is no bigger role of Tumour Makers in diagnosis but in prognosis. One cannot rely on Tumour Makers to decide that either a patient is having cancer or not”.