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Application of cross-laminated panels – Chop Information


Through all the heritage, architects have normally been faced with two essential difficulties: how can existing resources be utilized in progressive technologies and what new products can contribute to setting up.

At the finish of the 70s of the XX century, a technological innovation for the output of picket buildings, recognised as cross-laminated wood, was invented. Some a long time back that the mass output of cross-laminated panels (CLP) commenced in Europe, which has turn into a thriving field, with an affordable clt panels price and annual output of up to 500,000 cubic meters and far more.

What are cross-laminated panels?

cross-laminated panels

CLPs resemble arrays of plywood boards. For the manufacturing of the panel, boards 11 centimeters broad are applied, which are laid in many levels on prime of each and every other, and each up coming row lies across the prior just one, adopted by squeezing less than tension.

This technologies enables the production of a durable biaxial panel that can be used instead of concrete floors and walls, many thanks to innovative correcting systems. At the identical time, these types of wood panels produced by Rezult are less flammable: the pressed product ignites with difficulty, and if it commences to burn off, then not all at the similar time, but little by little, layer by layer.

Another edge of a picket dwelling is ecology:

  • The tree in the method of everyday living will take carbon dioxide from the air and can keep it soon after sawing.
  • One particular cubic meter of CLP retains up to 1 ton of it.

The most effective examples of the use of CLP are now developed wood substantial-rise buildings in Europe, 12-tale structures below design in the United states, and a 30-tale skyscraper in Vancouver (Canada).

If this technological know-how continues to show that it noticeably speeds up assembly moments, eradicates the labor scarcity in construction, and lessens carbon emissions, it will verify to be a significant player in the eco-friendly constructing current market.

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