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Bubble Tea Robots : ADAM by Richtech Robotics


ADAM by Richtech Robotics is a two-armed robotic that takes advantage of grip handles to make specific beverages and at CES 2023, the robot showed off its techniques in earning bubble tea. Employing a electronic touchscreen, guests at the Buyer Electronics Clearly show in Las Vegas obtained to enter their buy and see it geared up by the dexterous robot.

With a fruity or milky foundation, and chewy additions, there are all kinds of bubble tea drinks that can be enjoyed, and built with simplicity thanks to ADAM.

As described by Timothy Tanksley of Richtech Robotics, “ADAM is intended to be in essence a way to appeal to friends and a way to make drinks totally automated and really efficient.” ADAM can be rented for activities or hired complete-time, and in among making drinks, ADAM can dance to keep people entertained.

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