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Electric Bike-Like Watercraft : ENVO Hydra Waterbike


The ENVO Hydra Waterbike is a motor-assisted watercraft for sporting activities enthusiasts to delight in as part of their summertime endeavors when searching to commit extra time on the water. The watercraft consists of a floating design that is obtained with tubular aluminum for the body and a series of dual inflatable pontoons. These components continue to keep the over-all body weight down to 110-lbs, when a 1,500W motor boosts the pedaling energy of the rider to aid them attain a best assisted velocity of 12mph.

The ENVO Hydra Waterbike will aid up to 265-kilos of overall bodyweight and will deliver about one-hour of array per cost of the battery pack. Presently in prototype, the watercraft is expected to be readily available in the close to long run but not data has been introduced of yet.

Picture Credit: ENVO

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