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Gilded Electric Supercar Concepts : Yugo Ampera idea


The Yugo Ampera thought supercar has been developed by Marko Petrovic as a modernized acquire on the retro Yugo automobile to present urbanites with a compact yet attractive new alternative.

The auto is imagined with an extremely-compact form that has four engine motors alongside with an independent suspension program and even an innovative charging procedure. This features the Amassed Electricity Storage (AEC) technique to garner power all through trips on freeways, while town driving would use the inside battery pack.


The Yugo Ampera concept supercar maintains a gilded aesthetic that is paired with spectacular ergonomics on the inside. This involves the Recaro cage seat with its molded, single-piece design, the numerous display screen set up and even the gear shifter that doubles as a equipment multi-gadget.

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