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Hans Russell Died: Jackson River-Runner With Botulism Dies


Hans Russell died at the age of 56 on Wednesday following a 9-week fight with botulism. He was an out of doors enthusiast and handed absent in Salt Lake Town Medical center.

Russell made a decision to conclusion his possess existence immediately after realizing that his affliction wasn’t improving and “probably was not likely to change”, in accordance to Russell’s mother Joanna Jennings. Russell died Wednesday afternoon at the University of Utah Clinical Center.

Jennings expressed gratitude to Russell’s clinical crew for their assistance after he contracted foodstuff-borne botulism on a solo tenting vacation that he took in Town of Rocks (Idaho) on September 26.

What took place to Hans Russell?

Hans Russell Died

According to Jennings the source of botulinum poison is unidentified. Jennings said that Russell’s botulinum-toxin contamination may have been induced by any foodstuff Russell procured.

Having said that, they continue to have numerous issues. Russell’s health professionals thought that he experienced eaten a can of soup from a supermarket that was not effectively refrigerated.

Botulism A is a unusual and perilous bacterial an infection that can cause paralysis and trouble breathing. Botulism experienced trapped Russell in his physique.

He turned paralyzed and was not able discuss other than by means of hand squeezes. He also shed his capability to breathe and was aware and pain-totally free. He worked in Jackson for around 10 decades.

Who was Hans Russell?

For the previous six decades, he has been a bus driver for Lewis & Clark River Expeditions. He is a properly-recognized “famous kayaker”, who enjoys all kinds of recreation and has operate quite a few hard whitewater sections in Idaho and Wyoming.

He relished paragliding and examining, as nicely as rock climbing, kayaking, and playing the guitar. Russell is now with his mother Joanna, father Robert, and older brother Eric.

Jennings mentioned that she ideas to scatter a portion of Russell’s cremains at a selected spot. Russell was cremated.

When speaking about his hobbies, he described that he appreciated enjoying guitar, paragliding and rock climbing as effectively as reading.

His mother Joanna, his father Robert, and brother Eric have all been still left behind. Jennings claimed that Russell was cremated.

She said she will depart a little piece of Russell in a significant locale. His loss of life has been deeply felt by all. Chopnews also sends deep condolences.

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