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Haptic Suggestions VR Gloves : HaptX G1


The HaptX G1 haptic gloves are an smart comments accent for digital reality (VR) apps to assistance a range of users from hobbyists to gurus alike.

The gloves are designed with highly developed vibrotactile comments technologies to provide microscale floor texture stimulation and an ROS nod to allow telerobotics end users to hook up remotely to equipment. The haptic multiplayer function assists several end users do the job within the same VR environment to really feel the exact objects for even far better collaboration.


Founder and CEO Jake Rubin spoke on the HaptX G1 haptic gloves expressing, “With HaptX Gloves G1, we’re making it achievable for all corporations to leverage our lifelike haptics. Contact is the cornerstone of the next technology of human-machine interface technologies, and the possibilities are limitless.”

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