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Healthcare Innovative Therapy To Treat Chronic Back Pain


Today numerous persons are suffering from Chronic Pain. Chronic pain is a disease that leads to a severe backache. This pain lasts for at least 12 weeks i.e. 03 months and can take more time too.

Researchers at Rush University Medical Centre in the US says that when nerves continue to send signals to the brain after the original source of the pain goes away, the Chronic pain (with duration of 12 weeks or more) occurs.

Spinal Cord Stimulation and Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Stimulation Therapy

Spinal Cord Stimulation, Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Stimulation Therapy can reduce Chronic pain by relaxing the Spinal nerves. These therapies help is avoiding redundant stimulation of nerve fibers. According to the researches in annual American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting in San Fransisco, US, researchers have found that these therapies patients can easily rely on non-drug pain treatments.

Robert J McCarthy, a professor at Rush University Medical Center stated that they found an impressive improvement found in patients who take DRG stimulation. Even the doctors tried so many other therapies and Surgeries so that they can get more alternatives but nothing work. But the DRG stimulation therapy really helped in improving the patients’ condition.

DRG Stimulation Therapy

Each Vertebra has two sides. And each side has a cluster of neurons. The DRG Stimulation therapy acts as a gateway of sensation between nerves in several body parts and spinal cord and brain.

The procedure adopted in DRG Stimulation Therapy

In DRG Stimulation therapy, the healthcare providers fix a pacemaker-like device in the lower back skin of patients. This device sends small electronic pulses all the way through a wire positioned near DRG. On the other hand, doctors can link DRG with the nerve having pain.

A more tolerable Sensation replaces the pain with the help of pulses that the doctors send through the DRG. Sensations sent include tingling and also numbness etc. On the basis of the patient’s condition, the sensations or current directed is set either by the pain specialist or physician anesthesiologist. The DRG Stimulation is far better than the Spinal Cord Stimulation.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Procedure

In Spinal Cord Stimulation procedure, in the Spinal Cord, the doctors place a wire. The reason behind placing the wire is to transfer electronic pulses along with the Spine.  In this therapy, the definite pain source does not get targeted. Further, a high current is required to complete the stimulation therapy whereas in the DRG stimulation lower current levels are required due to less spinal fluid availability.

Results after DRG Stimulation Therapy

According to the results shown in the study, Doctors placed 67 DRG stimulation devices in people having Chronic Pain in back. After placing the device they follow them for 03 months to 18 months. Before doctors implanted the device they found that the pain scale was 08 (10 is the worse) in patients. After the procedure, the pain of 33 percent patient reduced to 5. We can term it as a clinically significant improvement. Also, 27 percent decrease (median) in disability.

94 % patients stated that the treatment was beneficial for them. On the other hand, five patients (7.4 percent) had to have the wires re-implanted two (3 percent) had removed after they were infected and one had the device removed due to a complication.

While talking about the disease, the doctor said that it is important for patients to have a pain free non-drug therapy that can reduce their chronic pain. Hence, the patients who haven’t benefited from any pain therapies can take this DRG stimulation as an option.