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Hidden Valley Ranch Flavored Bugles


The Hidden Valley Ranch Flavored Bugles are a new dressing-flavored snack for avid ranch dressing fans to try out out this slide when on the hunt for a flavorful crunchy snack. The snack is made up the brand’s signature Bugles, which have been protected with the creamy nonetheless salty tastes that Concealed Valley Ranch Dressing is renowned for. The snack is co-branded with the Hidden Valley Ranch brand to support consumers effortlessly identify it when at the store.

Brand name Knowledge Supervisor at Basic Mills Stephanie Lensing spoke on the Concealed Valley Ranch Flavored Bugles indicating, “We’re constantly looking for new flavors to excite our fans and make the Bugles they know and adore even improved. Hidden Valley Ranch is the great companion to boost the crunch of Bugles with the tangy ranch goodness only they can produce.”


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