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Hybrid Serving Boards : viking acacia



The ‘Viking Acacia’ is the latest serving board from ‘Viking Culinary,’ the model most recognised for its qualified-good quality culinary products and solutions. The Acacia life up to this reputation, as it is a high quality serving board, planning board, and butcher block, all in one solution. On top rated of this, despite its multi-functionality, the Viking Acacia retails for only $99.99 USD.

The Viking Acacia options a 20″ x 14″ area designed out of actual Acacia wooden, which provides the product its title. The board has a twin-sided design and style, where by a person side functions a few indents that are in shape for storing chopped veggies and other components even though planning dishes on the board, fairly than simply just piling these ingredients on the corner of a flat floor, wherever they can generally slide off. This side is intended for planning vegetable dishes and side-dishes.


The reverse aspect of the Viking Acacia 20″ serving board is a large, flat surface with a elevated indent all-around the edge. This is excellent for meat and protein preparation, as the raised border prevents juices from sliding off on to the bordering atmosphere.

Even though this serving board is h2o-resistant and microorganisms-resistant, it is encouraged that shoppers hand-clean the board fairly than use a dishwashing equipment.

Impression Credit score: Viking Culinary

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