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Osteoporosis – Rapidly Attacking Women in Early Forties

When bones become weaker and more brittle, the risk of fractures increases. This condition of Weakening of bones is Osteoporosis. This disease is setting a new trend in the nation. Many women of the perimenopausal and postmenopausal stage are observed. The result shows that this disease is affecting women in their early forties.

Dr. S M Bandekar, Head of the Orthopaedic Department at the Goa Medical College stated that out of every 100 cases of osteoporosis receive a month 80-85% are found to be females. The statement is not over yet. He also said that women in younger age are mostly suffering from this disease.

Women are getting more Affected as Compared to Men:

If we compare between Men and Women, Fewer men suffer from this disease as compared to women. Yes, this Osteoporosis is spreading among women rapidly. , Researchers at the State’s Premier Government Hospital also found that osteoporosis is developing in Women so rapidly.

Women In Early Forties Are At High Risk:

The diagnosis says that most Women patients are in their early forties. If we talk about previous cases and studies then we can say that this Osteoporosis affects women mostly in the five-year period before and after their menopause.

The alarming news, Bandekar said was that the T-score — a test to determine a person’s osteoporosis risk — for a large number of women was -2.5. A T-score of -2.5 or below is a diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Continuing the conversation regarding the disease, Dr. S M Bandekar, Head Of The Orthopaedic Department at the Goa Medical College said made a statement. “We are not alarmed by cases of senile osteoporosis, which cause problems to individuals of advanced age, but by cases where the situation is seen in women many years before their menopause,”

Why Osteoporosis is increasing Rapidly:

When they asked Dr.Bandekar about the reason for this immense change in the Disease, he said that there are many reasons that change the situation like modification in lifestyle. Most of Working Women catch this disease due to the ignorance they provide to their health. They do not eat a balanced diet. He added that the sedentary lifestyle is one of the major problems causing this disease called osteoporosis.

Measure To Prevent Osteoporosis

Thereafter Doctor S M Bandekar, Head Of The Orthopaedic Department taken the topics towards ending by stating the solution to this problem. He said that if people start accepting the right measures and steps they can prevent themselves from the pain Osteoporosis causes. Right Measures includes Bringing positive changes in lifestyles, taking Medical Consultation and medication properly, Avoiding Carelessness regarding Diet and Foods they are taking.

In earlier times, women were not only physically active but also their food habits were awesome. They take nutritious food avoiding all the habits causing weakness and joints pain etc. They use to exercise daily that makes them feel active the whole day. And if we talk about Today’s’ generation condition, even to cover a short distance people avoid walking. They are preferring to ride two-wheelers instead. “Physical activity is lacking,” he said. This carelessness is taking today generation people towards diseases like Osteoporosis.