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Musically Endorsed Cameras : q2 dawn digital camera


Leica is effective in collaboration with singer-songwriter Seal on the new distinctive edition Q2 Dawn Digicam. This joins the two and channels Seal’s soulful lyrics with the art of pictures and how it emphasizes human relationship. The duo is “shining light-weight on the topics of a frame – although portray distinctive views for artists driving the lens.”

It is encouraged by the Japanese term ‘komorebi’ — this is the time period utilized to explain the way sunlight seeps by means of tree canopies. The exterior design and style of the camera is in-depth with a unique weave using black polyester thread and gold tonal washi paper to create the glimpse. It also has a kimono material to ensure that every one digital camera is unique to its own — there are only 500 cameras built.

Image Credit score: Leica

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