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On-Demand from customers Ramen Equipment : YKE Desktop


At CES 2023, the year’s major tech meeting, Yo-Kai Convey displayed a new launch known as the YKE Desktop, which requires the sort of a small kind cooking machine that utilizes RFID for on-need ramen. This compact cooking equipment is optimized for modest areas and it will aid to serve contactless, freshly ready meals at any time of the day.

Like streetside eating places, this equipment would make sizzling ramen noodles on need in about 90 seconds. In addition, the machine is paired with an RFID freezer able for storing up to 24 bowls.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, attendees will get to sample meals designed by Yo-Kai’s machines. And in the year forward, people can appear ahead to the release of the company’s buyer-experiencing app for remote ordering, accumulating loyalty points, discounts, benefits and much more.

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