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Putin Announces Ukraine Annexation, Calling West the Enemy


Mr. Putin was interesting to a few important audiences. To Russians, he sought to justify the expanding hardship his war has been producing by insisting they were being fighting for their survival. To the West, he labored to telegraph his perseverance that he was unbowed by sanctions or arms deliveries to Ukraine, and would hold fighting — with the veiled risk of Russia’s huge nuclear arsenal in the track record.

And to the relaxation of the earth, Mr. Putin sought to cast himself as the leader of a world wide movement against the “Western racists” he claimed were imposing American hegemony. The West, he claimed, had not changed from the centuries past in which it brutally colonized other countries and fought wars to gain financial advantage.

Western nations, he insisted, had “no ethical right” to condemn the annexation of elements of Ukraine.

“The Western elites continue being colonizers as they constantly were being,” Mr. Putin mentioned. “They have divided the environment into their vassals — the so-referred to as civilized nations — and every person else.”

As Mr. Putin spoke, a crowd gathered on Pink Sq. for the concert and rally. Russian media claimed that Moscow universities experienced directed pupils to go to. Professional-Kremlin pop songs performers belted out nationalist tunes from a phase that reported “Russia!” and was flanked with banners reading through “Choice of the people!” and “Together permanently!”

At 1 stage, a young woman in an orange sweatshirt took the phase, describing herself as a volunteer aiding men and women in Russian-occupied Ukraine. Her spouse had been drafted a week in the past, she explained.

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