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Railway tracks blow up in Jharkhand by Maoists



Maoists had blown up railway tracks in Jharkhand in the Giridh district. This has paralyzed the train movement for more than five hours. As told by the railway officials on Tuesday.
The incident took place at about 10:45 pm on Monday between Chaudhary Bandh station and Chengaro halt under Dhanbad Rail Division of the East Central Railway (ECR), Hajipur zone.

Just twenty meters away from the spot were two-night patrol staff members, at the time the bomb exploded on the railway track.
According to the DRM, “They immediately alerted the Assistant Station Master (ASM) of Chaudhary Bandh,”

He said, “About one-meter-long track faced damage in the explosion,”
On Monday night eight express trains were stopped at various stations. Thus, thirteen trains had been diverted because of the blast as informed by the Dhanbad Rail Division Manager (DRM) Anil Kumar Mishra said.

Railways will go for black boxes


The Indian trains are soon going to have voice recorders or black boxes. A railway official has said that this is done to help investigators trying to identify the cause of accidents and assess crew performance.
The railway ministry official said that “Keeping in mind the safety of passengers, the Indian Railways has decided to install the Loco Cab Voice Recording (LCVR) devices in the locomotives”

He had also mentioned that the system is still in its developmental stage.

This video and voice recording system in the trains will provide invaluable data. The investigators will get help to understand the sequence of the events that had led to the accident. Also, the operational problems and human factors that also include crew performance will result in ruling out with the black box.

What goes into the making of the black box?

Currently, the aircraft uses the black box. They make the black box with two separate pieces of equipment. This also includes a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder. They mostly place it in the tail of the aircraft where it is more probable to survive a crash.

Just last month the railways had rolled out smart coaches thus, equipping them with sensors that are able to select bearing defects, wheels and also the railway track.

The authorities unveiled the first smart coach at the Modern Coach Factory in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh on September 25. Hence, this is a big step towards advancement.

The official said and we quote, “the black box introduced in the smart coach had a multi-dimensional communication interface to provide information on passengers and coach condition in real time.”

He also informed, “These sensors would give constant inputs to those in control rooms to avoid accidents. Carry out maintenance and would help improve the efficiency of railway operation”.

There are six cameras in every smart coach that will provide live recordings. One can access them in the control room, with the help of internet. Eventually, this will help a lot for the law enforcement agencies while investigating accidents or crimes.  This is going to be an important step for the Indian railways.