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Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso Discusses The New Industrial Engineering Revolution


Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso was born in Lima, Peru, and holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Lima. Even as a youthful man, Mr. Salas Musso was intrigued in how swiftly the earth all-around him was shifting as the digital age ushered in a new way of dwelling, performing, and taking part in.

But, it is Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso’s education that opened his eyes to see how the world is witnessing now as a digital revolution is simply a revival of an earlier manufacturing phenomenon that spanned the world – the industrial revolution.

How the industrial revolution altered the globe

The Industrial Revolution ushered in our modern way of dwelling, with mechanical processes that took advantage of new machinery that ran on new vitality resources these types of as coal, the steam engine, electrical energy, and the interior combustion engine.

Also, new products like iron and metal replaced much less strong materials like timber and brick. So structures acquired taller, cars and trucks lasted for a longer period, and residence appliances lasted for a longer period. So, how did the industrial revolution alter the globe besides offering increased spending manufacturing unit work rather of dwelling-crafted solutions and products and services.

Not only ended up individuals in a position to get a lot more products and solutions in a retail store thanks to the elevated effectiveness and efficiency of factories, but these goods also price tag less and were being more quickly available, in accordance to Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso.  Additionally, the Industrial Revolution ushered in the development of urban regions and a migration from rural living.

The New Industrial Digital Revolution

Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso thinks that the prevalent use of pcs and linked products have ushered in a electronic revolution that has modified our fashionable in methods equivalent to the unique industrial revolution.

Whilst the Industrial Revolution minimized manpower on a single scale (using devices to do the weighty lifting), the electronic revolution has changed the need for much human enter by implementing electronic technology to products and workflows that automate lots of processes.

But, contrary to the authentic revolution that improved the want for man and created lots of work opportunities that finally spawned the functioning middle class, the electronic revolution tended to displace a lot of employees originally.

This Fourth Industrial Revolution also represents a change in human advancement. No extended will we obtain power by working tough, nor will we obtain amplified intelligence by working smarter – but we will be ready to establish other senses of inert creativeness, human kindness, and self-development, which Rodrigo Alonso Salas Musso views as just as critical.

With the advent of industrial automation, we see enhanced protection and cleaner environments in production, together with lessened labor fees – but increased salaries for equally adult men and ladies. Repetitive duties, harmful environments, and heavy lifting are nearly eliminated in pretty much all workplaces.

Our actual physical, digital, and organic worlds will continue on to meld into an remarkable way of residing. It will have us all rethink how countries build and the benefit of corporations – not just for revenue but for advancing peace and unity. 

(The four industrial revolutions are typically categorized by the main vitality methods and include drinking water/steam power, coal/gasoline electrical power, energy/nuclear electricity, and electronic/renewable power.)

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