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Sachin could not stop himself from playing on street of mumbai


Sachin Tendulkar had retired from international cricket in the year 2013. After knowing about him, many of his friends got dissatisfied with cricket. Suddenly you see Sachin’s old inings on TV, all the memories float in front of the eyes. From the upper cut to the cover drive, everything seems to be remembered. But where Sachin will be playing, this is the question. The answer is, on the streets of Mumbai. Street cricket is played across the country. Sachin also started his cricketing career from the same. Once again he returned there.

One Twitter user named Varun Singh shared a video from the Verified handles. In this video, Sachin is playing street cricket with some people at night. Where Sachin is playing, there is a board of ‘Mumbai is Upgrading’ next to him. The people who are playing with them are the employees working in nearby hotels. These videos are being reported to Mumbai’s Vile Parle area. Watching Sachin play on the road is more shocking than it is. During the play of Sachin, a car was passing beside a girl in which there was a girl. When he saw Sachin, he started shouting ‘Sachin-Sachin’ loudly. After that the video closes. Take a look at the video of which you have heard so much of the description: