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Savory Wafer Biscuit Snacks : Biscuit Melts


The Fantastic Guys Bakehouse Biscuit Melts are a new collection of savory biscuits for shoppers in the United kingdom to select up when wanting for a reduce extra fat way to delight in a crispy snack. The biscuits come in two flavors which include Peppered and Cheddar, which are equally wafer-dependent biscuits crafted with real substances that are in a natural way low in calories as properly as unwanted fat. The Cheddar biscuits are noted to have 65% less unwanted fat than 100-gram options on the market place, whilst the Peppered flavor has 50% considerably less fats than other kinds.

Founder Steve Monk spoke on the Superior Guys Bakehouse Biscuit Melts stating, “Our mission with Excellent Fellas is to bring a great deal-necessary innovation to develop the savoury biscuits class. This implies trying to keep it straightforward, with great tasting more healthy snacks baked with actual components.”


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