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Singer Aubrey O’Day’s Reaction To Instagram Photoshop Controversy


With this star doubling down following getting accused of widespread Instagram photoshopping, one of the oddest celebrity tales of the year just got even stranger.

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Aubrey O’Day Responds to Allegations of Photoshopping

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Aubrey O’Day, a singer, briefly shut her Instagram account above the weekend just after getting to be the focus of an odd photoshopping debate.

With a new image of herself… in a thong bikini, meeting Jesus at the gates of heaven, the diva is now placing back, proclaiming that her Instagram account is “curated like a museum of Artwork.”

The controversy started on Saturday when a video criticizing O’Day’s clearly altered Instagram postings began to go viral on social media.

The former Danity Kane lady group member has been publishing illustrations or photos with tags from preferred tourist locations for months now, typically from Bali but also from other destinations like the Greek island of Santorini.

The images of O’Day are always dressed to the nines, and they frequently arrive with a motivational declaring.

Nonetheless, as the TikTok movie reveals, a lot of of the background photographs are copied from other influencer information, and the posts appear to have been clumsily edited.

O’Day closed her account as rumors about her posts unfold, but she has since returned and is releasing what could be her wildest Photoshop creation to day.

She threw an unrepeatable remark at the woman whose TikTok video experienced attracted so considerably interest to her account though boasting that she had recently frequented heaven and “run into Jesus and we hugged it out.”

“And not that I need to have to make clear myself, but I have been in this marketplace for around 20 years and have been travelling the world due to the fact I was 7,” she wrote.

“If I want my Instagram to be curated like a museum of Artwork then that is what the f**k is going to take place.

I’m an artist, a Serious creator. I do all of my creative from my new music to my flicks. Anything from my hair, glam, nails, styling, backdrops, modifying, capturing,” she ongoing.

O’Day went on to explain the rationale for her highly stylised getaway pics: “The climate is not constantly fantastic when I shoot, and I family vacation on your own,” she said.

And for any doubters considering O’Day had been travelling the planet with out ever leaving her property, on her Instagram Stories she has shared several extra candid movies of herself all through a Bali excursion.

“I don’t have to have to be flown spots. Enable on your own the fact that a whole lot of the photographs I give y’all are in spots you have to shell out several hours scaling mountains to get to.

Respect my aesthetic, I work really hard to give y’all wonderful articles that feels the way the places I travel vibrate. Because I want y’all to vibrate higher with me,” she wrote.

She addressed the “little tok woman,” whose video clip had drawn so a great deal focus to her web page, in her ultimate article.

“I suggest you learn this lesson fast: You don’t even have to have to concentrate on others to be your own edition of specific and essential in this environment. You can make optimistic improvements just by employing your very own presents. Stop hunting left and ideal if you wanna move ahead.”

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