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Stylishly Renovated Apartments : stylishly renovated condominium


Still a further historic constructing was reframed as a stylishly renovated apartment—this time in Prague, Czech Republic. The EO7 Apartment is one particular instance of a persisting pattern exactly where designers and architects are remodeling more mature constructions into additional up to date dwellings though also aiming to preserve the inherent appeal of the traditional.

The EO7 Condominium was revamped by Malfinio for a younger family members with young children. The organization reworked the structure of the dwellings in get to match the up to date stream of living—for instance, a wall was taken out in the key living area to promote larger spaces for socialization. The agency was also aware when selecting the colour palette, textures, and home furnishings for the space. The lighting option is, perhaps, just one of the centerpieces in the stylishly renovated condominium.

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