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Telerad Tech Launches AI-Powered Solutions To Detect Early-Stage Breast Cancer


Bangalore- Telerad Tech is all set to launch AI-Powered Solutions – MammoAssist to Detect Early-Stage Breast Cancer. Today, the global healthcare technology company has announced this new AI-Powered product as a Make in India initiative.

MammoAssist examines a mammogram and procedures the imaging information to perceive radiologic features of early stage. And, it also classifies radiologic features for BIRADS Scoring with a full-fledged structured layout.

This full-fledged structured layout made accessible to a radiologist who corroborates/validates the mammography discoveries and issues the official report.

Ranking of Breast Cancer Among Indian Females:

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) survey, cancer ranks as number one cancer among Indian females with a rate of 25.8 for every 100,000 ladies, so the survival rate in breast cancer is 50 percent only.

The essential reason for mortality is late recognition. In urban zones, 1 out of 22 ladies is probably developing breast cancer amid their lifetimes.  And in rural zones, 1 out of 60 females is probably developing the sickness.

Government Is Under Huge Pressure:

Globally and government in India are under huge pressure because they are keen to enhance this circumstance in a cost-effective manner.

MammoAssist is a cost-effective solution to the above growing problem because it goes about as a catalyst for the radiologist to audit mammograms in minimal time. likewise, It can reduce the costs of mass screening programs.

Late Detection Decreases The Survival Rate:

Today, In India, most breast cancer cases are unfortunately at a late stage. As a result, the shortage of radiologists required for interpretation of mammograms for the early detection of breast cancer.

Founder & Chief Radiologist of Teleradiology Solutions &Telerad Tech, Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur explains “In breast cancer, early detection is of paramount importance in terms of improving patient outcome and reducing healthcare costs.”

“The availability of an Artificial Intelligence solution such as MammoAssist has the potential to be a game changer in terms of assisting radiologists and facilitating early detection of breast cancer,” he continued.

Importance of MammoAssist:

MammoAssist plays a vital role in breast cancer screening programs because it can eliminate negative cases with a high level of exactness, categorizing benign and malignant the cases with a fully structured report with BI-RADS Score in multiple languages.

COO of Telerad Tech, PrashantAkhawat said: “Our studies have shown that MammoAssist can improve the efficiency and productivity of a radiologist by more than 50%”.

PrashantAkhawat also explained “We are highly committed to improving the patient care through artificial intelligence and deep learning. The clinical environment and are targeting to release more than 40 algorithms for radiology diagnosis by 2019”.

How Mammoassist Helps In Early Stage Cancer Detection?

MammoAssist generates a detailed report with all significant radiologic findings such as Microcalcification, Macrocalcification, Clustered Calcification, Lesions& Lymph Node.

It also analysis Architectural Distortion, Bilateral Asymmetry, Breast Parenchymal Composition, Size, Shape, Location with BI-RADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System) score.

MammoAssist upgrades the capacity of a radiologist to report cases with high accuracy and efficiency. It provides a standard interface to speak with medicinal services frameworks like RIS-PACS, EMRs through industry standard API and conventions

Languages In Which Mammoassist Report Publish:

MammoAssist can generate reports in numerous dialects including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.

MammoAssist powers Telerad Tech’s Next Generation AI Enabled RIS-PACS Platform RADSpa. RADSpa is deployed in more than 25 countries and has been used to process more than 20 million studies. RADSpa is FDA approved and CE certified.