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Three-Action Pore Strips : pore melting pack


The Rael Miracle Patch 3-Step Pore Melting Pack is an all-in-one solution for blackhead control and clogged pores that presents a gentler alternate to regular nose strips.

This three-stage method contains a Place Pore Melting Sheet that’s intended to be utilized on the confront initial so that peppermint extract can get to perform very first. Then a sebum-clearing Cotton Swab is made use of to wipe absent stubborn blackheads. Last but not least, the third stage of this method phone calls for placing a Soothing Sheet on the nose for 10 to 15 minutes so that Jeju mugwort extract can aid to alleviate any redness.

Not like other nose strips with harsh chemical substances and fragrances, this alternative is protected for those people with even the most sensitive skin.

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