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A Tutorial to Picking out finest heady glass pipe


Are you ill of utilizing the similar glass bong? Want to increase a thing a lot more exciting to your smoking encounter? You may well require a little something like a heady glass bong. It’s not always uncomplicated to come across the ideal 1, although.

So, we place this manual jointly to aid you select the very best heady glass bongs for you. Find out about the unique varieties of glass bongs, what tends to make a good heady glass bong, and how to decide on the ideal just one for you. Let us get commenced!

What is a heady glass bong?

A heady glass bong is a variety of smoking pipe that combines the outcomes of smoking tobacco and marijuana. It is typically built of glass and has a huge bowl with colorful layouts on it. Some individuals use them to get much more out of smoking cannabis, while others use them alternatively of common cigarette smoking pipes.

Picking the Right Heady Glass Bong Create Your Price range

The initial stage in purchasing a heady glass bong is to come to a decision how substantially revenue you want to expend. Depending on the structure, dimensions, and complexity of the piece, heady glass bongs can price tag any place from a couple of hundred to quite a few thousand bucks. If you are new to the earth of heady glass, you really should established a finances so you do not devote far more than you can pay for. Uncover out how a lot you are eager and capable to devote on your bong, and then use that as a manual for your look for.

Contemplate the Measurement

The sizing of the bong is an essential element to look at when deciding on the ideal piece. If you want anything considerably less evident, a scaled-down bong might be a much better decision for you. But if you want some thing bigger and stronger, a even bigger bong might be the finest alternative. The cost can vary a ton depending on the size you opt for.

Make your mind up on the Style and design

The condition of your bong can also be really straightforward or extremely difficult. Much more sophisticated styles can charge a lot more, but they can also make your using tobacco knowledge extra fascinating. Feel about what variety of style and design you want and what matches your individual design and style. You can research for items by a certain artist to locate the proper bong for you.       

Take into consideration the percolator

The percolator is what tends to make a bong special, and it can adjust the way you feel when you smoke. There are diverse kinds of percolators, this kind of as tree percolators, honeycomb percolators, and disc percolators. Most folks use tree percolators, which glance like small trees with arms that department out. For a smooth, even hit, the smoke goes through these arms and cools as it goes.

Honeycomb percolators search like discs with a lot of little holes in them. As the smoke goes by way of these holes, it cools down, creating the strike a little little bit cooler and less intensive. Disc percolators are produced up of a significant disc with a bunch of tiny holes in it. The smoke passes as a result of the holes and receives filtered and cooled, building a mellow and sleek toke.     

Look at the product  

The bong’s content is also an essential factor to think about. The greater part of bongs are designed of glass, which is robust and looks good. Glass can also stand up to warmth and spreads the warmth evenly when using tobacco.

There are also picket, ceramic, and silicone bongs. Wooden bongs are heavier and make smoking go extra little by little and in a natural way. Ceramic bongs are heavier, very last for a longer period, and can give you a fantastic taste. Silicone bongs are lighter and final lengthier, but they can make your smoke style like rubber.

Upkeep and Care of your Heady Glass Bong


Your heady glass bong wants to be cleaned normally to make certain it is effective correct. The fantastic news is that it’s not too hard to clean your bong. Start by placing some dish cleaning soap and heat water in a sink or big bowl.

Put your bong in the soapy h2o and scrub the inside of of the chamber and stem with a bong brush. Be careful not to scratch the glass, and do not use nearly anything with a rough floor. When you’re accomplished, run heat h2o more than the bong and let it dry in the air.


To keep your heady glass bong in good form, you ought to also retail outlet it the correct way. To make sure it lasts as very long as attainable, keep it somewhere interesting, dry, and out of immediate sunlight. You can also wrap it in a cloth or piece of paper when you’re not working with it to preserve dust absent.


There are many useful add-ons that can enable you get the most out of your heady glass bong. Some of these are bowl items, downstems, and ash catchers, all of which can enable retain your bong clean. There are also different forms of screens and filters that can enable you get a smoother, additional flavorful hit.


It is significant to decide on the best heady glass bongs for you. There are a lot of distinct possibilities, from smaller, straightforward-to-have parts to greater, a lot more elaborate ones. You need to believe about how much you can spend, how typically you approach to use your bong, and how much you know about using tobacco. If you do your homework and know what’s out there, you can uncover the perfect heady glass bong for you that will give you decades of satisfaction.

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