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Connor Crenshaw Explains the Benefits of Biking as a Mode of Transportation


Cycling as a method of transportation is healthy for the bike owner, the group, and the natural environment. Connor Crenshaw is an energetic trader in the Mike’s Bikes Basis and an avid mountain biker. He a short while ago talked about the numerous social, economic, environmental, and wellness positive aspects of biking.

“There aren’t too quite a few modes of transportation that gain everyone,” Crenshaw mentioned. “But biking is one particular of them.”

Biking Is Coronary heart Nutritious

Several cyclists decide on the activity mainly because it supplies cardiovascular exercising. Driving a bike to college or do the job will help people achieve every day exercising without having additional time out of a occupied day.

It’s Affordable

Gasoline selling prices are usually a concern for motorists. Having said that, bikers under no circumstances have to research for extra income to get to and from function. The expense of obtaining and protecting a bicycle is just 1 per cent of the value of obtaining and servicing a auto. Industry experts state that riding a bicycle 6 miles to work each and every day saves a person $1,700 in transportation fees per yr.

Connor Crenshaw stated that far more bikers on the street and less vehicles keep roads safer. Bikes also do not hurt roadways to the extent that other motor vehicles do. Bike parking needs limited place, which signifies a city can have fewer concrete parking locations and additional eco-friendly room. All people in the neighborhood advantages from safer roadways, considerably less vehicle sound pollution, and a lesser need for parking regions.

It is Superior for the Natural environment

Bicycle riding requires small fossil fuel use. It is just about air pollution-free of charge. Cars and trucks, vans, and modes of mass transportation result in approximately 29 p.c of greenhouse fuel emissions in the United States. Far more bikes and less autos also lower the want to manufacture, retain, and dispose of cars — all procedures that are dangerous to the setting. 

Biking Is More Social

The government of Queensland, Australia, states that men and women who bicycle to and from get the job done are a lot more very likely to frequent nearby firms and have interaction with other individuals in the local community. Individuals who bicycle as a method of transportation can socially interact on the streets. This results in a higher sensation of link to the community and excellent psychological wellness.

Connor Crenshaw and the Mike’s Bikes Foundation

Biking boosts mobility for persons who might not have the means to obtain and keep a car or truck. The Mike’s Bikes Basis supplies bicycles to impoverished communities in Africa. Men and women in these communities gain obtain to top quality bicycles, which are environmentally and fiscally sustainable. These bikes make citizens far more cellular, so they can attend get the job done and college, and in the end, improve the entire group.

Connor Crenshaw is an lively supporter of the Mike’s Bikes Basis. He is very pleased to use his bike as a manner of transportation and encourages many others to do the similar.

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