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Firefly Aerospace employs rocket engine to gentle birthday candles in epic cake movie


Let us mild that candle! The folks at Firefly Aerospace took a transient crack from rocket advancement not long ago to fire up an motor in honor of co-founder Max Polyakov, who turned 43 years old Tuesday (June 30).

The Reaver rocket motor, in true celebratory variety, was employed to light-weight candles on a massive birthday cake as large-speed cameras rolled, according to a new online video. (The other prepared use for the motor will be to start little satellites to orbit cheaply, making use of Firefly’s Alpha rocket.)

“Anyone that’s receiving older understands that a person of the most difficult challenges is figuring out how to mild all individuals darn birthday candles on the cake,” mentioned Firefly’s other co-founder, Tom Markusic, in the video clip, which the corporation released on Twitter and YouTube. In the movie, Markusic wore a multi-color birthday hat and a T-shirt that claims “Texas Rocket Science,” a nod to Firefly’s headquarters in Cedar Park, just north of Austin. 

Firefly Aerospace made use of a Reaver rocket motor to light candles on a birthday cake to celebrate the 43rd birthday of co-founder and trader Max Polyakov in a June 30, 2020 movie.  (Picture credit: Firefly Aerospace)

The online video showed Markusic unsuccessfully hoping to light-weight birthday candles on his have. “They soften. They melt away you. It is really a fairly difficult problem,” he reported. “To clear up the challenge, we’ve devised a relatively exclusive answer to mild all of the candles at at the time.”

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