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Pint-Sized Gelato Bars : Mini Gelato


Talenti is already the best-providing gelato brand name in the U.S. and now you can love the company’s mouth watering offerings in a complete new way with the start of the new Mini Gelato and Sorbetto Bars.

As the manufacturer clarifies the new concept, every single of the Mini Gelato and Sorbetto Bars usually takes “the jar flavors you know and love” and packages them in the type of miniature bars to deliver “the similar clean & creamy texture with abundant flavors.” In overall there are two new Mini Gelato Bars to choose from and two new Mini Sorbetto Bars. The Talenti Vanilla Caramel Mini Gelato Bar is built with the brand’s signature dulce de leche gelato, whilst the Talenti Darkish Chocolate Mini Gelato Bar functions a swirl of dark chocolate cookie sauce. On the other hand, the Talenti Roman Raspberry Mini Sorbetto Bar is impressed by the brand’s dairy-free Sorbetto, Roman Raspberry, and the Talenti Alphonso Mango Mini Sorbetto Bar is influenced by the brand’s dairy-free of charge Sorbettos, Alphonso Mango.

All of the Talenti Gelato Mini Bars can be identified now at vendors nationwide.

Impression Credit: Talenti

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