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iFi GO Bar Headphone DAC/amp evaluation – ChristCenteredGamer


CCG writes – “The iFi GO Bar is an excellent solution for the discerning audiophile who desires a high-powered headphone amp in a tiny, portable form element. It is also quite light, and appears to be like it should survive currently being in a pocket or notebook bag with no problem. If you are now struggling with a phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack, or if you want to upgrade your laptop’s audio radically, the iFi GO Bar is an outstanding preference. The balanced 4.4mm connection could possibly just be the best sounding headphone out that I have available to me at this time, and tends to make my planar headphones audio shockingly close in resolution to my Koss ESP electrostats. I’m exceptionally impressed. Who would have assumed that my ideal sounding headphone amp would be only somewhat much larger than a pack of gum? If you’re in the market place for a genuinely transportable significant-top quality DAC and headphone amp in this type component, give the iFi GO Bar a shut glimpse. I question you can be dissatisfied.”

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