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Historic Necropolis of 40 Tombs With Individuals Buried in Pots Discovered in Corsica


An historic necropolis with 40 tombs, which includes cylindrical jars filled with human remains, has been uncovered on the French island of Corsica. 

The men and women buried in the cemetery range from infants to grownups, the archaeologists reported. Positioned in the city of Île-Rousse on the island’s northern coast, the cemetery looks to have been utilized among the 3rd and fifth hundreds of years CE, a time in which the Roman Empire was steadily declining.


Many of the persons ended up observed buried inside amphoras, massive vessels that would ordinarily be employed to carry items these types of as olive oil, wine or pickles. The style of the amphoras suggests that they are from North Africa, with some perhaps remaining made in Carthage. 

(Jean-Jacques Grizeaud/Île-Rousse)(Jean-Jacques Grizeaud/Île-Rousse)

Even so, the people buried in the necropolis, like all those within the amphoras, probable lived near the necropolis in Corsica, stated Jean-Jacques Grizeaud, an archaeologist at the French Nationwide Institute for Preventive Archaeological Study (INRAP) who led excavations at the web site.

At the time, a lot of trade was taking place across the Mediterranean, Grizeaud added. 

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Archaeologists also identified that some of the burials have been coated with terra-cotta tiles that the Romans known as “tegulae” and “imbrices”. The Romans generally made use of these types of tiles to protect the roofs of structures and, at moments, to cover burials. 

The necropolis is positioned at the foot of the Immaculate Conception church made in 1893, the scientists stated. 

FAJ9fYFDskjGWpyCebhGEJ 970 80.jpThe head of 1 of the persons buried. (Jean-Jacques Grizeaud)

Other burials discovered on the island, these types of as people at the internet sites of Mariana and Sant’Amanza, have been connected to structures of worship, the researchers mentioned. A lot more investigation wants to be done to ascertain what ancient towns or cities have been situated around this necropolis. 

“There is no authentic mention of a town in the historic texts or, for example, in the map of [Corsica] made by Ptolemy,” a geographer who lived in the 2nd century CE, Grizeaud mentioned. 

Around the upcoming couple of months, archaeologists will perform lab get the job done to decide the people’s sexes, their correct ages and any sicknesses or accidents they could have had, Grizeaud claimed. 

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